[Tizen Application-dev] Alarm API.

Iscaro iscaro at profusion.mobi
Fri Apr 27 19:59:01 GMT 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm creating an app that uses an alarm, however the implementation looks 
like it's not finished.
When i use the tizen.alarm.add with 3 arguments I get a NOT SUPPORTED 
exception, however if I use 2 arguments everything goes like the script 
but I get no notification
that the alarm has been triggered.

Is there any kind of solution for this?

(I added the alarm feature to my config.xml)


My code:

appId = tizen.application.getCurrentApplicationContext().appId;
alarmHandle = new  tizen.AlarmRelative(10);
tizen.alarm.add(alarmHandle, appId, "index.html"); <- The error will 
happen here!

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