[Tizen Application-dev] Tetris for TIZEN

SaschaP sascha.packet at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 6 05:52:37 GMT 2012


to learn Tizen I did a Tetris port of js-tetris
( oensource javascript tetris project ).

2 little problems I still have:

A) In silulator it runs fine, on DEV-phone a bit slow
   maybe because:

	-it's no clean html5?
	 I still have delevered firmware( shown as "TIZEN_20120425_1" )
	 shall I flash to:
	 lb-tizen-1.0_20120613.10-rs.tar.gz-version (194,1 MB)?
	 lb-tizen_20120727.3-rs.tar.gz (only 156,7 MB)

B) I do have to get the left and right buttons in 'autorepeat'
   while keeping pressed, don't know (yet) how to do that

more info and video:


regards Sascha

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