[Tizen Application-dev] OBS Light build server query

Vijayakumar ZANVAR vijaykumar.zanvar at stericsson.com
Fri Aug 10 10:38:36 GMT 2012

[To Dominig ar Foll]

Without creating a fakeobs link, any operation on http://obslightserver, like “Branch package from other project” or “Add repositories >> fakeobs distribution” will fail.

Therefore, unless “obslight-fakeobs createlink” passes, packages cannot be built.  Could you please suggest how to fix this?  Thank you!

Kind regards,
Vijay Zanvar

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I followed the same tutorial and I can't see the list of the packages of the imported projects when a execute "osc ls fakeobs:Tizen:1.0:Base" on the server. I have an SSL error : "WARNING: SSL certificate checks disabled. Connection is insecure!" I also tried to see the list of the packages from a client PC, the result is the same.

I wonder if there's a problem with the appliance ? and how to fix this bug ?


2012/8/10 Vijayakumar ZANVAR <vijaykumar.zanvar at stericsson.com<mailto:vijaykumar.zanvar at stericsson.com>>
I followed the steps mentioned in https://lists.tizen.org/pipermail/application-dev/2012-May/000140.html to install OBS build server.  I get the following error while creating link.

obslight-fakeobs createlink

This machine seems to be an OBS appliance
trying to automatically create a link to the fakeobs...
Listing OBS projects to see if we can connect to...
SSL Error: unexpected eof
Cannot contact OBS API


1) What is the significance of creating a link?
2) What could be reason for above error?

Please note that rcfakeobs status is running:

# rcfakeobs status
Checking for service fakeobs                               running

Kind regards,
Vijay Zanvar

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