[Tizen Application-dev] Tetris for TIZEN

SaschaP sascha.packet at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 16 13:01:21 GMT 2012

Hi Daehyeon,


>A) I'm not sure your port of js-tetris adopted HTML5 canvas or not, but
> pure js-tetris only uses HTML and all the graphics are in HTML
> tree.(It is not HTML5 app)
I know, js-tetris is only html and not html5.
I just want to know if that's the reason
that the app-reaction is that slow!
But I guess not, because all the
demo apps (bubblewrap, hangoman, rabbit...) 
run also VERY slow on my dev-device with 20120425 and 20120613(1_0)

>B) you can attach event listener to "touchstart" and "touchend" event. 
thanks, I will have a look to those events!

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