[Tizen Application-dev] Tizen application to access all running webapps & webkit instances

Sarath Singapati sarath.singapati at ixonos.com
Mon Aug 27 14:08:58 GMT 2012


Tizen application that needs to access all the running WebApps and
communicate with all webkit instances. In My understanding, there should a
component like application manager that manages all the running
applications. I see
which looks like only for Native apps.

>From Tizen WebRuntime documentation, There are components like App utility
library, window manager which can control event loop of running web apps.
And appcore_efl_main() that initializes WRT, web view functionality.
aul_launch_app() that launch a new app from MenuScreen/launchpad.

I would like to know Which component (& path to source codes) manages
the contexts & life-cycle of all the running Web apps? Is there any example
apps which performs IPC using DBus mechanism? Can we implement DBus IPC
from WebApp to native app?

Thanks & Regards,
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