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ayoub karioun kariounayoub at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 22:06:11 GMT 2012


I'm a student in a French engineering school : ECE Paris.
I developed some HTML5 applications, and would like to port them on Tizen.
I've already watched Cheng Luo's video (Tizen developer conference, May
7-9) and read his tutorials. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot.
Unfortunately, I didn't succeed in converting them.
I sent him an email, and he told me that we hasn't available until 3rd of
September. He gave me this mailing list.
Could you please help me if you have some spare time.
I would really appreciate to have a more detailed tutorial focused on the
Thank you very much.


ECE Paris <http://ece.fr> - Ecole d'ingenieur - Majeur : Finance (4ème
(+33) 6 69 45 39 89
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