[Tizen Application-dev] Application launching (Launchpad component)

Sarath Singapati sarath.singapati at ixonos.com
Thu Aug 30 12:12:32 GMT 2012


I am trying to trace the application launch procedure. Application is
started from menu-screen component's item_launch(Evas_Object *obj), which
calls aul_open_app(package). I see log with Tags LAUNCH, AUL & AULD etc.

eg log:

08-30 20:38:30.844: DEBUG/LAUNCH(1290):

08-30 20:38:30.844: DEBUG/LAUNCH(1290):

08-30 20:59:48.722: DEBUG/AUL(1196): [aul_app_get_pkgname_bypid,115] Pkg
name for 1943 is org.tizen.draglock

08-30 20:59:49.157: DEBUG/AULD(1063): [__launchpad_main_loop,745] pkg name
: org.tizen.draglock

08-30 20:59:49.157: DEBUG/AULD(1063): [__modify_bundle,465] parsing
app_path: No arguments

Could someone tell me what are components/source packages related to these
log prints?

Thank you.

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