[Tizen Application-dev] Creating and building web apps from command line

Vesa Poikajärvi vesa.poikajarvi at leonidasoy.fi
Wed Feb 8 10:53:03 GMT 2012


I recently installed Tizen SDK and have played around a little with the
IDE, and it seems to work fairly well. However I'm not really friends with
Eclipse and would prefer to write and compile using other tools. So I took
a look at SBS if it would enable building web apps, but the documentation
did not say anything about it.

So, as the subject states, I would like to know how to build web apps from
command line. A very basic example project configuration would be well
appreciated as well (like a "How to write a Tizen Hello World using
Emacs"). I would think that the answers could be dug out of a sample IDE
projects files but again not being an Eclipse user nor a Java developer I
don't really know from where to start looking.

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