[Tizen Application-dev] Creating and building web apps from command line

Vesa Poikajärvi vesa.poikajarvi at leonidasoy.fi
Fri Feb 10 11:13:49 GMT 2012


2012/2/8 Vesa Poikajärvi <vesa.poikajarvi at leonidasoy.fi>
> So, as the subject states, I would like to know how to build web apps
> from command line. A very basic example project configuration would be
> well appreciated as well (like a "How to write a Tizen Hello World
> using Emacs"). I would think that the answers could be dug out of a
> sample IDE projects files but again not being an Eclipse user nor a
> Java developer I don't really know from where to start looking.

Should have tried before asking. The widget (.wgt file) is just a zip
file containing the project files (css, js, html, icon, config.xml,
and signature1.xml). Signature file may be a kind of a problem - at
least on Bada forums people said that you cannot install the package
if it does not have a signature unless you enable unsigned packages
from the device. I did not yet find out how to install a widget
manually so I couldn't test if the emulator cares about the missing
signature file.


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