[Tizen Application-dev] repo manifest for Tizen

Joon-Cheol Park jooncheol at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 10:29:53 GMT 2012

Hi List,

First, Congratulation to release Tizen source code preview !

I've tried to download source code from http://source.tizen.org/git/ .
But It was hard to download all the repositories.
So I just created manifest file to download with 'repo'.

F.Y.I - You can see how to use it in
$ mkdir tizen-preview; cd tizen-preview
$ repo init -u git://gitorious.org/tizen-toys/tizen-manifest
$ repo sync
(If you don't know about 'repo', you can get information from

Download speed from source.tizen.org looks very fast at this moment :-)

I hope that it would be helpful for someone.
But This is unofficial way. I think it would be better if Tizen-team
provides us to official method like this. (Is it already provided ?
Correct me if I'm wrong :-) )

Best Regards,

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