[Tizen Application-dev] repo manifest for Tizen

Danny Jeongseok Seo s.seo at samsung.com
Wed Jan 11 02:05:38 GMT 2012

Hi Joon-Cheol,

Thanks for sharing your information.
It might be helpful.

> F.Y.I - You can see how to use it in
> https://gitorious.org/tizen-toys/tizen-manifest
> $ mkdir tizen-preview; cd tizen-preview
> $ repo init -u git://gitorious.org/tizen-toys/tizen-manifest
> $ repo sync
> (If you don't know about 'repo', you can get information from
> http://source.android.com/source/downloading.html)

> Download speed from source.tizen.org looks very fast at this moment :-)

If you are in South Korea, it might be very fast.
We are now having a plan to deploy multiple mirroring soon.

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