[Tizen Application-dev] Error running sbs -c -- Failed getting release file

Timmy Douglas tizen at timmyd.info
Wed Jan 11 23:28:44 GMT 2012

timmy at timmy-desktop:~/src/tizen/git/tools/sbs$
/home/timmy/sbs-install/bin/sbs -c

[ after a while ]

Setting up kernel-package (12.036+nmu1) ...
Setting up sbs-build-tools (0.23) ...
Setting up g++-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi (4.5.3-1ubuntu2slp2+s1) ...
Setting up sbs-build-essential-tools (0.23) ...
Updating symlinks in /usr/lib/ccache ...
Processing triggers for python-support ...
I: Retrieving Release
E: Failed getting release file
sbs: failed to perform requested operation

timmy at timmy-desktop:~/src/tizen/git/tools/sbs$ wget
--2012-01-11 18:19:28--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2012-01-11 18:19:28 ERROR 404: Not Found.

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