[Tizen Application-dev] node-webkit (was Re: How about NodeJS?)

Roger WANG roger.wang at linux.intel.com
Fri Jan 20 01:01:40 GMT 2012

> How about node.js on Tizen as well as the Widget Engine?

> We could still make apps in HTML5 but using node.js would make many of
> them directly transportable between mobiles and desktops which I think
> would be a boon.

Here is our project you might be interested in: 


It's a WebKit module for NodeJS. With it, you can write your UI with
HTML/CSS/JS and call Node modules directly from there. We believe that
the async I/O framework in NodeJS and the Javascript programming
language is a perfect combination for client (mobile) side
applications. By bringing WebKit to NodeJS, a new way is avaliable to
write applications with web technology.

Original announcement in Node community:
Roger WANG                         Intel Open Source Technology Center

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