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Grey Squirrel greysqrl at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 11:28:08 GMT 2012


I am looking at Tizen with an interest in developing a fully native
application and have a few questions that I'm hoping someone will be kind
enough to answer.

Within the Tizen IDE, I perform the following steps: File, New, C++
Project, Tizen Application, Tizen Empty Project and enter a name (Toolchain
is shown as GCC-4.5) and then click Finish. This always results in an
internal error (java.io.nullpointerexception). Any ideas?

Could someone please confirm if that is the correct project to be using for
a Tizen Native Project?

Finally, looking at the Tizen Native Application documentation, I can see
for example that every project with use the Application Framework. So, with
this I can see that the system file "app.h" must be used but what would the
library for this be, presumably I would need to include a library to
compile against?

Does anyone have any sample native app projects? At the moment the only
sample I can see for this is a default hello world project but ideally I'd
like to see something that uses some EFL UI, requests data from the system
and then displays such information on screen.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer me.

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