[Tizen Application-dev] Scripting languages other than JavaScript?

t at batwana.com t at batwana.com
Sat Jan 28 22:51:52 GMT 2012

>> Are there any plans to offer alternative scripting languages on 
>> Tizen?

>Probably never on products, and certainly the resistance against
>introducing them in the default SDK builds will be extremely large.

Obviously I'm a little disappointed with that answer but I actually 
appreciate the fact it's categorical.

I do have another suggestion though that I hope will fall upon more 
receptive ears at Intel/Samsung - it wouldn't require any changes to the 
widget engine installed on devices and it wouldn't involve any changes 
to the default SDK either but it would offer Tizen the potential of 
attracting Python developers.

There is a very interesting open source project called Pyjamas 
(http://pyjs.org) that includes a desktop widget style api, an AJAX 
framework and best of all a Python to JavaScript translator.

How about Intel/Samsung contributing to this project (either skills or 
finances) so it's expanded to fully incorporate the WAC api?

There is a bounty scheme in operation with the project: 
or there's some details about contributing to development here: 

I hope Intel/Samsung will give this idea some consideration, Python is 
a widely used language with a very enthusiastic following.

Just to be clear I'm not associated with the Pyjamas project in any 


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