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Michael Przybilski michael.przybilski at nixuopen.org
Wed Jul 11 05:41:33 GMT 2012


I'm running everything fine on 64-bit Debian / Wheezy, in a chrooted
32-bit environment. You can find the instructions here:

	Michael P.

On 07/09/2012 08:46 PM, Thanatermesis wrote:
> Please add better support for Debian machines in the installer, I don't
> have an ubuntu and is a scary idea to install the windows version since
> is pretty useless to work from it.
> I have tried to fake my system by adding a /etc/lsb-release from an
> ubuntu in order to start finally the installation but there's still some
> problems from the installer:
> - it depends of the /etc/lsb-release file, we should use instead the
> command lsb_release -r or -c (in debian shows -c = wheezy, -r = testing)
> - it needs to check if the java runtime is openjdk or oracle java (i got
> a segfault in java with the default option set from the installer, with
> the oracle version is now installing correctly)
> Thanatermesis
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