[Tizen Application-dev] Execute C/C++ like JNI

Pierce, Dean E dean.e.pierce at intel.com
Thu Jul 19 06:08:27 GMT 2012

This has been asked a couple times in the past, and in general, the answer
is no.  Maybe a better response would be to ask you why you feel that you
need access something beyond the scope of the existing API?  It seems to me
that the API is beyond generous, and would grant access to anything that a
user expects their phone to do.

Is it more about logic that you don't feel like porting to js, or are you
trying to get more exclusive access to the hardware and os internals on the

I understand that as a developer, you like to get all the access you can to
the underlying os, but as a user, I prefer knowing that developers can't
just start reading files, making syscalls, or dropping rootkits.

  - DEAN
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