[Tizen Application-dev] TCP-socket connection in HTML5-apps

SaschaP sascha.packet at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 27 13:07:28 GMT 2012

Hi Mats,

thanks for answering!

>It would be helpful to know what you're actually trying to accomplish
I have a tcpserver who is listening on port
 (ex.) 7 and after sending bytes "1234" he
sends me the answer back as ascii "abcd"
The "abcd" will be the status of my device

>"websockets don't work..." ???
...with my tcpserver
I tested with 
"var ws = new WebSocket("ws://node.remysharp.com:8001");"
but my server can't do the websocket-protocol
(I guess Handshake etc...)

with EFL I could do it,
but I hoped to do it with in html5#js

>maybe take a look at socket.IO?
..i'll have a look and 'll test


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