[Tizen Application-dev] Can anyone build menu-daemon successfully in SBS?

Lv, Zhiyuan zhiyuan.lv at intel.com
Fri Mar 9 08:09:04 GMT 2012


I am debugging menu-daemon in Tizen and hope to build from source in SBS. Now I met a problem and not sure whether anyone ever made it successfully. Look forward to your help. Thanks!

Basically the problem is I was told some undefined symbols like "KEY_END" etc while running "sbs -e dpkg_buildpackage -b". I then tried to add include file of "<linux/input.h>" to src/hw_key.c, but then found that the "KEY_END" is actually expected to be a string, not integer. Does anyone know where to find the definition of those keys for "menu-daemon" package? Thanks!


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