[Tizen Application-dev] U1HD Tizen dev device : headphone jack interference

Ken Harris kjh at hokulea.org
Tue May 15 04:29:08 GMT 2012

I tried to plug 2 different headphones into the Tizen dev device, but
they didn't work.  Looking closer, it seems that the case interferes
with the jack.

It's a simple matter to "correct" it:

Turn it off
Take out the battery, SIM, SD card
Remove the 6 screws
Remove the cover.  Keep track of the buttons (power and volume) and
the top speaker / antenna assembly.
I used "diagonal cutters" to trim off the interfering plastic.

Now it works great with headphones.

Now if I can find a way to stop the music-player from pausing when the
screen blanks....


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