[Tizen Application-dev] Link to the Samsung DevPhone specs

Cheng Luo c.luo at samsung.com
Wed May 16 16:40:20 GMT 2012


Could you able to share how you get these specs?


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The Tizen dev phone is great.  It seems to have the latest chips.

Here's some detail on the Tizen dev phone that I've found:

CPU : 1.2 Ghz dual core A9 chip
    S5PV310 Revision: EVT1 (from dmesg)
    armc210bbb (marking on chip)

    Samsung K3PE7E700B-XXC1 2x 4Gb LP DDR2 DRAM (1GB)
    Memory: 256MB 256MB 128MB 128MB 256MB = 1024MB total (from dmesg)

The CPU and memory are bonded together in one package.

Flash: 16GB
    Samsung KMVYL000LM-B503

Graphics is Mali-400 MP

LCD dimensions: 720x1280 pixels (58x103 millimeters)

Melfas touch screen controller

WiFi / Bluetooth : BCM4330 , 802.11a/b/g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with
Integrated Bluetooth 4.0+HS & FM Transceiver

GPS : SiRFstarIV GTD4T-9600B

NFC : NXP-44501    (no antenna)

HSPA+ : Intel XMM 6260

Si470x FM Radio Receiver

Audio: Yamaha (C1-YMU823 aka MC1N2)

KR3DH accelerometer

AK8975 : 3-axis Electronic Compass

L3G4200D low-power three-axis angular rate sensor

Camera chip : mbg043

Maxim MAX8997 power management

Silkscreen on board says, "SLP_U1HD" and the hostname is "U1HD".

bootloader is u-boot , /bin/fw_printenv shows bootloader environment

This should probably go into the wiki: http://wiki.tizen.org/

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