[Tizen Application-dev] Emulator very-very slow. Impossible to use it on Windows

Anatoliy Odukha anatoliy.odukha at globallogic.com
Thu Nov 8 15:12:38 GMT 2012

I see several issue with emulator. Together them make it completely useless:

1. Most frustrating
a) Create Contact Application in IDE from existing sample and run it on
b) Click add tab, and on it click any text field.
c) Onscreen keyboard appears, I can press buttons on it but newer appears
in textfield
d) some times it working ok, (very rarely) and sometimes I see only "|" in
field and it is not blinking
e) same issue I see with custom sample with 1 editable text field.

2. Enable HW Virtualization -> and emulator will freeze with black screen
on start.
  but HAX is installed and working, android emulator uses it.

See it on 3 different windows 7 x64 , 4Gb RAM computers. installed 2.0.0
sdk from the site,
Any idea how to get it working?
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