[Tizen Application-dev] chroot problem

Vijay Zanvar vijoeyz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 06:38:11 GMT 2012

I am facing following problmes with gbs chroot:

1) user root does not exist

$ gbs chroot -r ~/GBS-ROOT/local/scratch.i586.0/
info: chroot /home/vijaykz/GBS-ROOT/local/scratch.i586.0
su: user root does not exist

with the -r option, gbs chroot fails since the etc/passwd has only one user

2) The second problem is that chroot created by "gbs build" does not have
essential commands like, apt-get, wget or zypper.
about installing required packages inside the chrooted environment
using zypper.  However, the chroot is not preinstalled with zypper or
3) How do I setup network access inside the chroot?  (I have copied host
machine's /etc/resolv.conf to chroot.)

Vijay Zanvar
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