[Tizen Application-dev] Which devices are compatible with Tizen?

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The upcoming event with Tizen sessions is LinuxCon Europe, actually the last one this year. There will be 5 sessions for Tizen.

But we're not planning to provide Tizen reference device there. I think you should wait for events next year.

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Title  : Re: [Tizen Application-dev] Which devices are compatible with Tizen?

Thanks to all you of you for your answers. Are there any events
planned in Europe where it would be possible to receive one of the
Lunchbox devices? I'd say that its critical to give developers
interested in Tizen access to devices, even if you make them pay some
amount for the device. How else can you attract new developers to the

The only conference listed at the moment is the
https://www.tizen.org/conference which took place in May. Is there any
other event planned for the future?

Thanks, Raju
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