[Tizen Application-dev] user abuild does not exist

Vijay Zanvar vijoeyz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 13:14:16 GMT 2012

gbs build fails with the error:

[  236s] //usr/bin/build: line 1944:
/home/user/GBS-ROOT//local/scratch.i586.0/etc/passwd: No such file or
[  236s] su: user abuild does not exist
[  236s] Error: TOPDIR empty
Warning: build failed, Leaving the logs in ....

At the line 1944 in /usr/bin/build is:

   if ! egrep '^abuild:' > /dev/null < $BUILD_ROOT/etc/passwd: then

But if I run the above command on a bash prompt, it /doesn't/ throw the
file-not-found error:

   $ egrep '^abuild:' < /home/user/GBS-ROOT//local/scratch.i586.0/etc/passwd

.gbs.conf has following settings:

url = http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/2.0alpha/common/latest

url =

url =

Note that I have updated the build package by following the "Update 'build'
package" section in the above URL.

Basically, chrooting to ~/GBS-ROOT/local/scratch.i586.0 is failing:

  gbs chroot ~/GBS-ROOT/local/scratch.i586.0
  su: user abuild does not exist

Will someone please throw light on the cause of this error.  I have
followed these steps and the error is reproduced in the first go:

* Install Ubuntu 12.04
* Install gbs according to
* Behind a proxy and able to perform a "git clone" from Tizen's gerrit
* I cloned external/sysvinit and built it using and this fails with above
    $ pwd
    $ gbs build -A i586
Vijay Zanvar
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