[Tizen Application-dev] [Tizen General] user abuild does not exist

Daniel Willmann d.willmann at samsung.com
Wed Oct 31 13:31:34 GMT 2012


I recently ran into the same problem and managed to fix it with the help
of a colleague. I'll explain below.

On 10/31/2012 01:14 PM, Vijay Zanvar wrote:
> gbs build fails with the error:
> [  236s] //usr/bin/build: line 1944: /home/user/GBS-ROOT//local/scratch.i586.0/etc/passwd: No such file or directory
> [  236s] su: user abuild does not exist
> [  236s] Error: TOPDIR empty
> Warning: build failed, Leaving the logs in ....

You are probably seeing the following message at the top after running
gbs (first couple lines):

Use of uninitialized value in getpwnam at //usr/bin/depanneur line 44.

The documentation at http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/getlogin.html
mentions that getlogin can return nothing.

So change the line (sorry, wrap is broken here)

my ($zname, $zpass, $zuid, $zgid, $zquota, $zcomment, $zgcos, $zdir,
$zshell, $zexpire) = getpwnam(getlogin());

to instead read (two lines this time):

my $login = getlogin || getpwuid($<);
my ($zname, $zpass, $zuid, $zgid, $zquota, $zcomment, $zgcos, $zdir,
$zshell, $zexpire) = getpwnam($login);

That worked for me. Don't forget to wipe your GBS-ROOT before running
gbs again.

Daniel Willmann

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