[Tizen Application-dev] How to get install event on tizen

houwanji houwanji at mythlink.com
Thu Sep 6 05:21:47 GMT 2012

Hi all,
   I have a problem, I'm using the follow codes to get application id and name when an application install/uninstall success(you can see those codes in Application item of Tizen Device API Specifications), but only the onuninstalled function works normal, the oninstalled and onupdated function can not work, I just install an application by Tizen IDE to test the oninstalled function. what should I do to make the oninstalled function working.
 var appEventCallback = {
    oninstalled: function(application) {
       console.log('The application ' + application.name + ' is installed');
    onupdated: function(application) {
       console.log('The application ' + application.name + ' is updated');
    onuninstalled: function(appid) {
       console.log('The application ' + appid + ' is uninstalled');
 var listenerID = 

Best Regards

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