[Tizen Application-dev] tizen native app on ARM

Kraft Jr, Joseph D joseph.d.kraft.jr at intel.com
Thu Sep 20 22:11:22 GMT 2012

I have some C++ code that I can get compiled to run on a host machine or emulator, but I cannot compile it for a Tizen Device as ARM code.

I am using the Eclipse IDE from the Tizen SDK, and right now it is throwing an error trying to find an include file.  I see no way in the IDE to define include paths, the way I can when the target is x86.  I determined this by looking at the project properties, and noticing that the screen for include paths disappears when you change the build configuration from x86 to Tizen-Dev.

So, I am looking for help on how to get these external files included in the build?  There are three custom library files that I need to include in my .cpp file.


Joe Kraft
Application Developer

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