[Tizen Application-dev] 32-bit Tizen 2.0 SDK installation on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit machine

Sarath Singapati sarath.singapati at ixonos.com
Wed Sep 26 15:50:01 GMT 2012


I am trying to install Tizen 2.0, 32-bit SDK on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit machine
(using instructions from
. I was using tizen 1.0 sdk with out any problems)

Install manger is able to install these components successfully.
- Web App Development
- Common tools
- SDK development tools
- Extras

But when trying to install "Platform Development" & "Platforms", it
fails. Here is sample installmanager log:

15:36:44 [Trace] Install package 'rs-emulator-2.0.platform'
15:36:44 [Trace] **** installer install start => rs-emulator-2.0.platform,
target => /home/singasa/tizen-sdk-2
15:36:45 [Trace] STDERR> /home/singasa/tizen-sdk-2/temp/install.sh: 4:
/home/singasa/tizen-sdk-2/temp/install.sh: gksudo: not found
15:36:45 [Trace] Command exit code => 127
15:36:45 [Error] Installer.executeScript() install script error =>
15:36:45 [Error] Exit code => 127
15:36:45 [Error] Fatal error occurred while installing the Tizen SDK.
15:36:45 [Error] internal error occurred
15:36:45 [Excep] org.tizen.installmanager.core.IMFatalException: Fatal
error occurred while installing the Tizen SDK.

Any solution for this?

Thanks a lot.
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