[Tizen Application-dev] Converting HTML5 mobile

Ivan Iliev ivaniliev93 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:57:20 GMT 2013


I've been stuck with the following problem: when I add my HTML5 app to
adobe build, I receive different releases for the different phone
platforms, but when I try to install for example the .apk to my android
phone, the applicatoon I have developed wants access to a major part of the
mobile features like contacts, camera, geolocation, etc... and in fact I
don't really use them, I actually don't need access to any of these apis.
Furthermore, I also can say that I don't include any of the apis in the
config.xml file. How do I make the application so it does not want access
to all of these features? Do I add something to the config.xml file?

Thanks in advance.
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