[Tizen Application-dev] Border for Elementary Entry Widget - Not working on Tizen

Amit S amit at smargav.com
Fri Feb 22 16:32:51 GMT 2013


I want to have a border around the Entry widget in Elementary. I am writing
a simple Elementary based native Tizen application.
Please help.

I was able to get border for Entry box by adding a scroller as described in
this mail

The border is visible when I compile & run the simple elementary
application in Linux.
However when I port the same app on Tizen, the Entry box is without border.
No scroller is seen.
Note: I am using a Entry box on a Popup. I tried changing popup color.
Still the entry box is without border.

Please advice.

*Code Snippet below:*

Evas_Object* entryTextBox = elm_entry_add (boxLayout);
elm_entry_single_line_set(entryTextBox, EINA_TRUE);
evas_object_size_hint_align_set(entryTextBox, EVAS_HINT_FILL,
evas_object_size_hint_weight_set(entryTextBox, EVAS_HINT_EXPAND,

//I used below function to set background color and it worked on Linux but
not on Tizen.
//evas_object_color_set(entryTextBox, 10, 100, 10, 255);
 elm_entry_text_style_user_push(entryTextBox, "DEFAULT='font_size=40

Amit S
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