[Tizen Application-dev] How to use Application Control? [object WebAPIError] when using code from documentation

Anatoliy Odukha anatoliy.odukha at globallogic.com
Tue Feb 26 17:05:13 GMT 2013

Hi all,
I am trying to use Application Control to pick images.
There is code for this in documentation

var appControl = new tizen.ApplicationControl("
http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/pick", null, "image/*");
var appControlReplyCB =
   // Reply is sent if the requested operation is successfully delivered
   onsuccess: function(reply)
      for (var num = 0; num < reply.data.length; num++)
         console.log("reply.data["+num+"].key = "+ reply.data[num].key);
         console.log("reply.data["+num+"].value = "+
tizen.application.launchAppControl(appControl, null,
  function(){console.log("launch appControl succeeded");},
  function(e){console.log("launch appControl failed. Reason: " + e.name);},

Aslo I added to config.xml:
<src name="index.html"/>
<tizen:operation name="http://tizen.org/appcontrol/operation/pick"/>
<mime name="*/*"/>
<tizen:privilege name="http://tizen.org/privilege/application.launch"/>
<tizen:privilege name="http://tizen.org/privilege/application.read"/>

As result nothing happens, just :[object WebAPIError]  message in console

Any Ideas how to get  this code working?

Thank you
Anatoliy Odukha
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