[Tizen Application-dev] Not able to deploy apps in new SDK

Prasanna Grande prasanna.grande at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 07:03:27 GMT 2013

Hi ,

I have developed an application in 2.0 alpha, now i am trying to port it
into 2.0 beta version, it showing error as "Install of package failed
Install of package failed
failed to `install of package` operation
 (Return Code:1010)Widget installation failed.
During installation, some errors happen"

Console log:

    App info setting...
      Project : List
      Application ID : qI7PIA4vbP
      Application GUID : http://yourdomain/List
      Application path : /home/lakshmi/new-workspace/List/List.wgt
    Initialize of launch environment success
Step > Transfer of Package
    Confirm Transfer of Package exist in local
    Transfer of Package
    Transfer of package success
Step > Previously launched process stops
    Previously launched process stops success
Step > Install of package
    Mode setting...
    Mode setting command : /usr/bin/wrt-launcher --developer-mode 1 >
/opt/apps/widgets/sdk/tmp/lakshmi.deployer 2>&1; echo $?
    Installing command : pkgcmd -i -q -t wgt -p
"/opt/apps/widgets/test-widgets/List.wgt" >
/opt/apps/widgets/sdk/tmp/lakshmi.deployer 2>&1; echo $?
Exception occur...
Unexpected stop progress...
(1.082 sec)

Kindly help me to resolve this issue

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