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Hi Marcin,

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> Hello,
> My friends and I are developing simple app, to understand Tizen. We tried to do
> it the same way we use while programming for Android, and we encountered
> really strange errors. We really need some sort of data storage, file-based or
> "sql-lite" based, and we couldn't get it to work.
> 1) Project starded to display this error:
> Ripple :: Environment Warming Up (Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.) ripple.js:68900 TIZEN ::
> Initialization Finished (Make it so.) ripple.js:68900
> errorDocDir:
> tizen.filesystem.resolve blad o nazwie: undefined tresc bledu: An attempt is
> made to reference a Node in a context where it does not exist. main-app.js:24
> which is strange, since filesystem was added to project options.
> 2) Samples from documentation don't work, even when we copy-paste them to
> blank project.
> https://developer.tizen.org/help/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.tizen.web.appprogra
> mming%2FFilesystem.html
> we get the same error as in 1)
> 3) Samples from documentation (filesystem) do not have their equivalents in
> IDE samples - they're completely diffrent.
> 4) WebSQL management is pure theoretical, documentation lacks almost any
> description on how to use local database in project, apart from big "WebSQL is
> obsolete". Also search returns nothing when querying "database" in Tizen
> Docs.

For database support you have Indexed DB. googling around will show you some tutorials on this API. For example this one - http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/indexeddb/todo/

> 5) Examples from developer.tizen.org don't use features from documentation.
> Even "ToDo List" example is lacking it's most crucial feature - saving "todos". It
> simply doesn't have any module for storing data. Also their code is scarcely
> commented, which makes learning and understanding much harder than it
> needs to be.
> I think that's all. I'll be very happy with every help I can get! :)
> --
> Marcin Kuna
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