[Tizen Application-dev] Announcement of Tizen Web Application Checker

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A web application is Tizen 2.1 compliant, which means the web application follows the rule defined in Tizen(r)<https://source.tizen.org/sites/default/files/page/tizen-2.1-compliance-specification-for-mobile-profile-v0.8.pdf>
2.1 Compliance Specification for Mobile Profile<https://source.tizen.org/sites/default/files/page/tizen-2.1-compliance-specification-for-mobile-profile-v0.8.pdf>. The profile is the only public profile for Tizen device.
The tool try to find all potential issues but it can't guaranteed that the web application passing  the check run on device without any error.

Thanks for your feedback.
Zhang Xu
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Hi Xu,

Thanks for sharing the tool. What does it mean for a web application to be Tizen 2.1 compliant? Is it guaranteed to run on a certain Tizen profile/device?

Thanks & Regards
Xun Sun

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Subject: [Tizen Application-dev] Announcement of Tizen Web Application Checker


We are glad to announce that Tizen Web Application Checker has been release to https://source.tizen.org/compliance/tizen-web-application-checker-user-guide.
The Tizen Web Application Checker is a tool you can use to check whether web applications are Tizen compliant, based on rules in the Tizen 2.1 Compliance Specification<https://source.tizen.org/sites/default/files/page/tizen-2.1-compliance-specification-for-mobile-profile-v0.8.pdf>. The checker verifies the given application package's validity, API usage, and adherence to security rules. For your reference, a report will be generated to clearly list potential incompatibility issues.
The Tizen Web Application Checker provides guidance to Tizen web application developers. Also, release engineers and QA can automate the testing process by integrating the checker into their test tool.
Please try to use it for your work. Any feedbacks are welcome!

Zhang Xu

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