[Tizen Application-dev] [Regarding NPAPI Plugins] - Web Application works on Emulator but fails to run on Tizen Developer Device (using Tizen SDK 2.1)

Abhijeet Kandalkar kandalkar.abhijeet58 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 08:17:58 GMT 2013


I am facing issue in calling NPAPI functionality from Tizen Web Project on
Tizen Developer Device.

I have created sample Tizen Web Project from Tizen IDE (SDK v 2.1).(Samples
which are already there in SDK/IDE)

File -> New -> Project -> Select New Project as 'Tizen Web Project' -> Next
-> Choose 'Sample' Tab -> Web App -> NPRuntime -> <project_name>

Sample created above working fine on EMULATOR when you run code from IDE
using 'Run As' option.

Where as on Tizen Developer Device it doesn't work when you run code from
IDE using 'Run As' option.

Does any one has idea why it is not working on Tizen Developer Device when
we run code from IDE using 'Run As' option?


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