[Tizen Application-dev] libdash, an open-souce MPEG-DASH access library

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Dear all, 


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We are interested and happy to contribute our open source MPEG-DASH library
libdash to your projects. MPEG-DASH is an emerging standard designed for
media delivery over the top of existing infrastructures and able to handle
varying bandwidth conditions during a streaming session. This requirement is
very important, specifically within mobile environments like in 3G/4G
networks, which are characterized by highly fluctuating bandwidth
conditions, and thus, DASH will become a major driver for mobile multimedia
streaming like , e.g.,  in vehicular or smartphone environments. Our
components have already been tested in such vehicular environments (like
shown in [1] as well in the short report in [2]) and would fit very well in
your environments.


In particular we want to highlight our open-source library libdash, which is
a C++ library that provides an object orient (OO) interface to the MPEG-DASH
standard. You can find more information on our website [3], on the libdash
mailing list [4] as well as on Github [5].  


This is an overview of the libdash features: 

·         Cross platform build system based on cmake that includes Windows,
Linux and Mac.

·         Open source available and licensed under the LGPL.

·         Implements the full MPEG-DASH standard according to ISO/IEC
23009-1, Information Technology – Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
(DASH) – Part 1: Media Presentation Description and Segment Formats

·         Handles the download and xml parsing of the MPD. Based on that it
provides an OO based interface to the MPD.

·         Media elements, e.g., SegmentURL, SegmentTemplate, etc., are
downloadable in that OO based structure and can be downloaded through
libdash, which internally uses libcurl.

·         Therefore basically all protocols that libcurl supports, e.g.,
HTTP, FTP, etc. are supported by libdash.

·         However it also provides a configurable download interface, which
enables the use of external connections that can be implemented by the user
of the library for the download of media segments.

·         The use of such external connections will be shown in the
libdash_networkpart_test project which is part of libdash solution and also
part of the cross platform cmake system and therefore usable on Windows,
Linux and Mac.

·         The project contains a sample multimedia player that is based on
ffmpeg which uses libdash for the playback of one of our dataset MPD’s.

·         The development is based on Windows, therefore the code contains a
VS10 solution with additional tests and the sample multimedia player.


In addition to the public available open source resources and our libdash
mailing list support, we provide professional development and integration
services, consulting, high-quality streaming components/logics, etc. based
on your individual needs. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your


Best regards,



[1] Christopher Müller (bitmovin), Stefan Lederer (bitmovin) and Christian
Timmerer (bitmovin), An Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
in Vehicular Environments, In Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia Systems
Conference 2012 and the 4th ACM Workshop on Mobile Video, Chapel Hill, North
Carolina, February 24, 2012. URL:

[2] http://www.bitmovin.net/bitmovin_MPEG_DASH_Client_Evaluation.pdf 

[3] http://www.bitmovin.net/libdash/ 

[4] http://vicky.bitmovin.net/mailman/listinfo/libdash-dev 

[5] https://github.com/bitmovin/libdash 

DI Stefan Lederer 

CEO | Head of Business


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Building B01
9020 Klagenfurt
phone:    +43 (664) 4347745 
mail:        <mailto:stefan.lederer at bitmovin.net>
stefan.lederer at bitmovin.net 
web:        <http://www.bitmovin.net/> www.bitmovin.net
skype:    stefan-lederer 


Coming soon: www.bitcodin.com


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