[Tizen Application-dev] About Privilege Property in Tizen SDK2.0

Long, Xiang xiang.long at intel.com
Tue Mar 26 06:22:04 GMT 2013

Yes, this's the right behavior. Some device APIs don't need privileges to run in current implementation.


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Hi All,

A question about privilege property in Tizen2.0 device API, please.

I find only a few of APIs have "Privilege" property in "tizen.org/dev-guide", and the left APIs haven't this property. So, Is this meaning:

  I need put the privilege into config.xml when I using a API with a "Privilege" property in my webapp, or I will get a runtime error.
  In other words, if I use a API without the "Privilege" property, there isn't any limitation, I can use the API into my app directly.

For example:
1.       tizen.alarm.add(...);  The add method has a privilege property.  "Privilege: http://tizen.org/privilege/alarm"
2.       tizen.alarm.get(...);  The get method hasn't privilege property.

If I use the add method into my webapp, I need add privilege above into the config.xml file. But If I only use the get method, I don't need to do this.

PS: I try this in emulator, it works like this.

Best Regards!

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