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Hi. Numair.

Thanks for questions!


>Hi -- It'd be great if someone could post something (perhaps in the wiki?)

>explaining the version of WebKit that Tizen 2.0 will be using, along with

>its supported functionality in terms of features (HTML5 Sandbox,

>border-box, WOFF support, etc.).


Webkit version on Tizen 2.0 is r123997. In addition, you can check most
support features from Tizen 2.0 through [1][2].


> I would also suggest someone from the

>team contact Alexis Deveria, the creator of caniuse.com, and have him add

>the Tizen browser to the compatibility matrix; it's a great way for web

>developers to quickly determine whether or not to bother targeting a given



Absolutely it’s good idea! Thanks!


[1] https://developer.tizen.org/documentation/dev-

[2] http://html5test.com/compare/browser/tizen20.html


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