[Tizen Application-dev] Use Hands-Free-Profile of Bluetooth

Marcus Sellmann marcus.sellmann at iav.de
Thu May 16 11:45:12 GMT 2013

Dear all,

for an experimental web application which should use bluetooth to steer a 
connected smartphone, I need some help or additional informations.
More precisely i want to initiate a call on tizen ivi and have it sended 
out by an android phone.

Is there any chance to handle the hands free profile with the existing 
bluetooth api?

Kindly Marcus

Marcus Sellmann

Praktikant / Vehicle Cockpit Interieur (VC-I41)
Trainee / Vehicle Cockpit Interieur (VC-I41)

Carnotstrasse 5
10587 BERLIN

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Dr. Rüdiger Goyk
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