[Tizen Application-dev] Problems with Tizen and the Test devices from Samsung

Georgi Tanmazov georgi.tanmazov at incorporateapps.com
Wed May 29 16:58:54 GMT 2013

Hello Guys,

We are looking into porting one of our apps to Tizen, as it turns out it is harder than we thought at this point. Here are the points our team is struggling with.

1) There is no Sim card support on the test device - all the Sim cards we threw showed a fairly poor-worded error message "Sim card is failed to initialise" 
2) There is no Wifi
3) The biggest issue is with the Camera support in web apps. We are using the Sample SelfCamera test Web App as a base, it works good on the Emulator and Web, it asks for the permission and after it is allowed the app uses the Webcam. However on the actual device there is no image (black screen). But it seems that the app acquired the Camera object as the normal Camera app seems to be locked as well (much like in Android when you don't release the Camera object). We also can't release the Object of the Camera, what is the correct syntax on the web app to stop the Camera and is there an on resume on pause event on home press where we can release it?

it would be great if anyone can help us out.

Best regards,
Georgi Tanmazov

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