[Tizen Application-dev] problem with building a Tizen project which contains git submodule

Yin, Yan yan.yin at intel.com
Tue Nov 12 01:42:24 GMT 2013

You can also refer to devel/gst branch of platform/upstream/gst-libav, we're changing the git submodule management with a simplified method.

Yin, Yan

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Subject: Re: [Tizen Application-dev] problem with building a Tizen project which contains git submodule

Yes. gbs use git archive to generate tar ball, so gitmodule source will not contains in tarball.

Tomasz, give several ways, great, thanks.

The first and second way are preferred, as a reference, please see what gst-libva does:

$ git clone tizen:platform/upstream/gst-libav
$ git checkout tizen


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2013/9/16 Kirill <kasper_kharkov at ukr.net<mailto:kasper_kharkov at ukr.net>>
Hello Sirs,

I have a problem with building a project for Tizen which contains git submodule.

I develop a project for Tizen using EFL library. As a build system GBS is used.

The project uses Google C++ Testing Framework (googletest) for unit tests.
Sources of googletest are located within a project (in a subdirectory) and are
build with other sources.

When I put googletest sources directly into a subdirectory of the main
repository, everything is fine. But, when I add a googletest as a git submodule
inside the same directory, GBS build system can't find sources of googletest.

[    9s]   Cannot find source file:
[    9s]
[    9s]     /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/org.tizen.orion-0.2.10/tests/googletest/src/gtest-all.cc

In both cases sources location are the same. As I understand, in the second case
GBS don't copy the sources from the submodule?

Is there any way to tell GBS how to use sources from a git submodule?

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gbs creates source package from you repository and unpacks it in gbs chroot so you clearly don't have submodule source in target build environment.

I think there are 3 approaches:
1. Add googletest sources to your repo
2. Add googletest tarball as Source* in you project spec file (I haven't done this yet so I don't know if it will work)
3. Create additional project( rpm package) with googletest sources and add BuildRequires(googletest sources) in your app package spec file. This way before building your app gbs will download and extract googletest sources in some place (described in googletest spec file).

regards / pozdrawiam, Tomasz Olszak
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