[Tizen Application-dev] Trouble with the "CPU VT" setting of Emulator manager

Iovene, Salvatore salvatore.iovene at intel.com
Mon Nov 18 11:01:05 GMT 2013

I'm running the Tizen SDK 2.2.0.

I have a laptop with Virtualization Technology available and enabled
in the BIOS.

This should prove it:

$ egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

All four of my cores support VT.

However, the Tizen Emulator manager shows the VT toggle button as
disabled, and so I'm unable to activate it. As a result, it's
impossible to work with the emulator for how slow it is.

Can anyone help with a workaround or a solution?

Thanks in advance,

Salvatore Iovene <salvatore.iovene at intel.com>
Linux Software Engineer
Intel Open Source Technology Center, Finland
Tel.: +358504804026

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