[Tizen Application-dev] Get the exit status or code of another application

Madhu Kumar gogetit2717 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 01:47:36 GMT 2013

Hi Mats,

Thanks for your reply. I have already gone through the mentioned
namespace. The only thing I could find is
Tizen::App::IActiveAppEventListener Interface which gets when the
current active application state chnages i.e if it goes to background
or exits.

But I will not know if that application's exit is graceful or not i.e.
even is the application crashes, all I will know in
IActiveAppEventListener is the active application got changed thats

What I am more interested in is knowing the exit status of any given
application. Whether it is graceful or not. Any mechanism or event
handler available to achieve this.

Please let me know if there are pointers available.


On 11/18/13, Mats Wichmann <m.wichmann at samsung.com> wrote:
> On 11/18/2013 08:23 AM, Madhu Kumar wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am new to Tizen. I am working on a tool (native application) using
>> which I need to know if a given application (another application that
>> is running) exited normally or crashed or led to some exception.The
>> tool will then report the same. I would like to know if there is a way
>> or method available in Tizen to do this.
>> In Windows we can get the process context and register for its exit
>> event handler and in the event handler we will get the exit code of
>> the process through which we will know if it is a normal exit or not.
>> Similar to that do we have any mechanism available on Tizen?
>> Any pointers or inputs is appreciated.
> Have a look at the Tizen::App namespace.  It's full of methods for this
> kind of stuff, including registering a callback for app event-changes.
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