[Tizen Application-dev] Issue with using pthreads with native application

Nishant Nakate nsquare120879 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 06:22:41 GMT 2013


I am developing a native application which integrates with a library
written using non tizen OSP code. This library uses two pthreads, one for
application logic and one for network communication. The network
communication is implemented using libcurl. Application runs well, but when
I call UiApp->Terminate function, it is crashing with trace pointing to
system libraries. Is there a different way to use these libraries with
Tizen Native Application ?

Please guide me on how to identify the issue. Any points regarding
debugging multi-threaded application would be helpful.  Also, I can see
some core dumps in /opt/usr/share/crash/core folder pointing to my
application. How to load this core dump into GDB ?

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