[Tizen Application-dev] Hosted webapps and Tizen Store validation

Staś Małolepszy smalolepszy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 14:07:26 GMT 2013

I think there might be a problem for any hosted webapp (whose contents
are entirely hosted on a remote server) to pass the Tizen Store
validation at the moment.

Tizen SDK 2.2 allows the app contents to be stored on a remote server via:

    <tizen:content src="http://example.com/index.html" />

With this setting, your .wgt package can consist of only config.xml
and the icon, which is convenient for rapid releases and for having
better control over the app as a developer.

However, the Tizen Store validation criteria require that the app
handles the Back hardware key:

    When the BACK key is pressed, the application must be terminated
or the previous page must appear.

The hosted webapp can use the window.history API to navigate the
history, but it cannot, to the best of my understanding, access the
window.tizen app, which would allow it to call:


I tried to explicitly state in config.xml that my app has no interest
in using the hardware buttons:

    <tizen:setting hwkey-event="disable" />

But it looks like the validation tests don't take into account this setting.

Is there a way to relax the validation criteria for hosted webapps?
Or, how can I work around the current criteria to have my hosted
webapp pass the store review?  (a native web view or a simple webapp
with an iframe, which handles the back button?)



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