[Tizen Application-dev] Security vulnerabilities in WebApp is detected.

Вячеслав Зайцев slava at ifaced.ru
Wed Sep 11 04:33:10 GMT 2013

Hi. Problem with certification. Application rejected with defect 
"Security vulnerabilities in WebApp is detected. For more information 
about the issue, please refer to the attached file.". Attached file is a 
list of methods from JayData library with name "executeQuery" and the 
line number in the file. Example:

cmd.executeQuery [SqLiteProvider.js]
sqlCommand.executeQuery [SqLiteProvider.js]
[IndexedDbProvider.min.js, IndexedDbProvider.js]
f.storageProvider.executeQuery [jaydata.min.js]
command.executeQuery [SqLiteProvider.js]
e.entityContext.executeQuery [jaydata.min.js]
data.QueryCache.executeQuery [jaydata.min.js]
g.executeQuery [SqLiteProvider.min.js]
a.executeQuery [jaydata.min.js]
this.entityContext.executeQuery [jaydata.min.js]

There is no explanation of category of vulnerabilities and how to 
reproduce it. I think that this is result of automatic code scanner work 
and just a mistake, but in comments to issue no one answered.

Who ever encountered a problem like this? How to solve?

Content ID 000000004857
Defect ID 2218460

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