[Tizen Application-dev] problem with building a Tizen project which contains git submodule

Kirill kasper_kharkov at ukr.net
Mon Sep 16 12:46:51 GMT 2013

Hello Sirs,

I have a problem with building a project for Tizen which contains git submodule.

I develop a project for Tizen using EFL library. As a build system GBS is used.

The project uses Google C++ Testing Framework (googletest) for unit tests. 
Sources of googletest are located within a project (in a subdirectory) and are 
build with other sources.

When I put googletest sources directly into a subdirectory of the main 
repository, everything is fine. But, when I add a googletest as a git submodule 
inside the same directory, GBS build system can't find sources of googletest.

[    9s]   Cannot find source file:
[    9s] 
[    9s]     /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/org.tizen.orion-0.2.10/tests/googletest/src/gtest-all.cc

In both cases sources location are the same. As I understand, in the second case
GBS don't copy the sources from the submodule? 

Is there any way to tell GBS how to use sources from a git submodule?


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