[Tizen Application-dev] Problem : Tizen downloadRequest

大兵 946171162 at qq.com
Tue Aug 26 06:48:57 GMT 2014

When I use the Tizen API var downloadRequest = new tizen.DownloadRequest("http://download.tizen.org/tools/README.txt", "documents");  downloadId = tizen.download.start(downloadRequest, listener);‍
following Error occurred :
ivi_box wrt_launchpad_daemon[227]: ERR<797>:evas_main  evas_object_smart.c:749 evas_object_smart_need_recalculate_set() Object  0x96b7710 is not stable during recalc loop‍

How to resolve this issue.  Please help.

Thanks a lot!‍
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