[Tizen Application-dev] SBS build failed for "filesystem"

Markus hlu1001 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 12:33:56 GMT 2014

Hi Rafał!


Thanks for the hint of the verbosity option – I didn’t know about it.


The output is now:


% ~/sbs-install/bin/sbs -b -v

sbs: Got state: /home/markus/sbs/.state/state/all-ok

Source directory is  /home/markus/tizen/packages_nx300m/filesystem

sbs: [exec] cd /home/markus/tizen/packages_nx300m/filesystem

sbs: Checking build architectures

sbs: Extracting build-dependencies

sbs: Will try to install following packages: build-essential:native

sbs: [exec] mkdir -p /home/markus/sbs/target-armel//var/lib/sbs/autobuilder-apt-31520

sbs: [exec] mkdir -p -m755 /tmp/sbs_create_dummy_deb.RNttGD/DEBIAN

sbs: [exec] chmod 644 /tmp/sbs_create_dummy_deb.RNttGD/DEBIAN/control

sbs: [exec] dpkg-deb -b /tmp/sbs_create_dummy_deb.RNttGD /home/markus/sbs/target-armel//var/lib/sbs/autobuilder-apt-31520/dummy-dep.deb

dpkg-deb: building package `sbs-dummy-dep' in `/home/markus/sbs/target-armel//var/lib/sbs/autobuilder-apt-31520/dummy-dep.deb'.

sbs: [exec] cd /home/markus/sbs/target-armel//var/lib/sbs/autobuilder-apt-31520

sbs: [exec] sb2 -R -t sbs-tools_home_markus_sbs -m emulate -- dpkg-scanpackages .

sbs: failed to perform requested operation

sbs: [exec] rm -f /tmp/sbs_builddep.RgGT1D

sbs: [exec] rm -rf /home/markus/sbs/target-armel//var/lib/sbs/autobuilder-apt-31520

sbs: [exec] rm -rf /tmp/sbs_create_dummy_deb.RNttGD

sbs: [exec] rm -f /tmp/sbs_cleanuplist.WavQsc

sbs: failed to perform requested operation

sbs: [exec] rm -f /tmp/sbs_cleanuplist.fMsWdF



So, I think the program “sb2” shall be called but that fails. There are two sb2 binaries I found, both are not in my path:





Am I supposed to add one of those directories to my path?








Von: Rafał Krypa [mailto:rafal at krypa.net] 
Gesendet: Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014 19:59
An: Markus
Betreff: Re: [Tizen Application-dev] SBS build failed for "filesystem"


Hi Markus,
Could you please reproduce your error by calling sbs by hand and adding "-v" option to it? Additional verbose output could help with analysis of your problem.

Best regards,
Rafal Krypa


2014-12-13 16:03 GMT+01:00 Markus <hlu1001 at gmail.com>:


I'm not sure if I'm at the correct list here. Anyway, I want to compile the
firmware for the Samsung camera NX300M. I've downloaded the source code
(1.13 on http://opensource.samsung.com), set up a linux system with Ubuntu
14.10, installed all the compilers and stuff and worked my way with the help
of the build guide.

When I try to run "make kernel" I get an error with the filesystem module. I
tracked down that the cause is the sbs build command ("~/sbs-install/bin/sbs
-b", according to the Makefile).

This is the log:

Source directory is  /home/markus/tizen/packages_nx300m/filesystem
dpkg-deb: building package `sbs-dummy-dep' in
sbs: failed to perform requested operation
sbs: failed to perform requested operation

I can reproduce the error if I change into
/home/markus/tizen/packages_nx300m/filesystem and call ~/sbs-install/bin/sbs
-b. What I am doing wrong? Which operation does actually fail?


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